Welcome to Regions

Regions are started by volunteer groups to coordinate participants with sea level rise mapping events. Join an existing group near you or start your own.

Problems don't go away by themselves

Screen shot 2015-04-14 at 5.15.43 PM.pngSolving the challenges posed by rising sea levels will happen at local and hyper-local levels and by teams effectively working together. Our mission is to facilitate these efforts.

Accordingly, we enable organizations and individuals to create their own online "regions" and we provide the means to collect data, find resources and to collaborate with others.

Anyone can start ("add") a "region." Your region might be a neighborhood, a town, a city or even a point of land. You define it by what you intend to work on and the scope of your ambitions. In general we suggest regions should be smaller, clearly identifiable areas and named as such. That way others can easily understand your focus and join in -- if you want the help.

Why create a region? The short answer is so you have better tools and control collecting data, connecting with others, and collaborating with those people who share your interest and can help make a difference.